There is something magical about the African bush. It is an age-old mystery, a delicate balance of tranquillity, harmony and the harsh realities, a timeless rhythm. I stand quietly, acutely aware of the peace and quiet. And yet, as I walk through the door, my senses are heightened, a sense of peace floods over me and I waiver somewhere between complete calm and welling emotion. I expect at any moment for the tears to roll down my cheeks. It is not a sadness I feel, but rather an exuberance of love, humility and understanding that emanates from every eave, nook and cranny.

As I stand here, not wanting to break the moment, I reflect on the love and wisdom that one man shared with the world, and I know deep inside that this experience will change me forever…

“The peace, tranquillity and natural harmony of Shambala, serves to remind us of our own striving for reconciliation and togetherness.

“I am delighted to share my home here with you and hope you will feel refreshed and inspired by your visit to this special place.”

Nelson Mandela